How to open a Student Account

When you want to open a Student Account in Lån & Spar, we need copies of the following documents before our first meeting:

  • Passport or other official legitimation that includes your photo

  • Yellow health card (Sundhedskort)
  • Student card or admission letter from your university
  • SU confirmation letter (if you have one)
  • Account overview paper from other banks in Denmark (if you have one)

If you are a student from outside an EU/EØS country, we would also need a copy of:

  • A valid residence permit, for full term studies


Due to legal issues, we kindly ask you to fill out informations about citizenship and money laundering in the provided document, and include all papers to our meeting.

Download/print document (PDF)


Additionally you will have to bring your MitID (digital signatur) to the meeting. If you don't have one, you will have to reach out to Borgerservice prior to the meeting, to receive your MitID.

Please be aware that Lån & Spar's letters all appear in Danish.